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StyloBeam - Impuls
A super pulsed gallium arsenide laser with a high pene-tration depth of 3-5 cm, an extremely high output power and very short pulse lengths of 100 - 400 ns. The laser works with an impulse subsequent frequency of 30 -10,000 hertz and creates laser pulses of the highest intensity in the range of 20 - 80 watts (like a flash lamp). For the optimal ray treatment of the given area the dosage can be adjusted matchingly with an adjustable cadence frequency of 1 - 50 hz (in accordance with the extended method of the bio stimulation for the opti-mization of the light absorption). This laser is excellently suitable for the patient treatment in the area of orthopedics. Further application fields offer their services

primarily in the treatment of profound problems in the area of back, necks, shoulders, knees as well as at tendon inflammations, arthroses and pains. In the offer there are 3 laser types which are different in output power and pulse length. The emitted average output power is equal at all 3 lasers.

Same Applications for Pulsed Lasers (Near Infrared)
Profound problems in Backs, Necks, Shoulders, Knees, Tendon Inflammations, Arthroses, Pains, Sports and Strain Damages, Fractures, Epikondylitis, Achilles Tendinitis, Tennis Elbow, Trigeminus Neuralgia, Cellulitis.

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